Policies and Procedures

Birthdays / Celebrations

The centre is delighted to celebrate your child’s birthday and requests that if you would like your child to have a cake, the centre cook will provide one at a cost of $5 which will be added to your account.

This is to meet the requirements of the Food Safety Act. A birthday cake request form can be found on the kitchen door.


Medication will not be administered unless written authority has been given. All medication must be clearly named and labeled in the original bottle and handed to a staff member.

The medication record must be completed by the parent/guardian. If there is concern or doubt regarding a particular medication, you will be contacted prior to the medication being administered. Staff will assist with the completion of the record until you become familiar with the process.

Infectious Diseases and Illness Emergency Care

Any infectious disease must be notified to the centre so that other parents can be notified of the illness. A comprehensive list is positioned in reception. Children who are unwell are to remain home, or if they become ill while attending the service, staff will contact the parents or emergency contacts to collect the child from the service.

Where a child sustains an injury while attending the service, staff will make contact with the parents/emergency contacts as soon as practicable. Attending to your child's injury is our first priority. All parents will have signed a consent for the centre to seek medical, ambulance etc if deemed necessary. Every attempt will be made to contact you should an incident occur.

Excursions / Incursions

The service will conduct some incursions over the course of the year. You will be made aware of these and if a cost is involved prior to them occurring. It is unlikely at this stage that any excursions will be planned. Due to the young age of the children, it is much easier to have specialists come into the service than removing children from the service.

Evacuation Procedure

You will find evacuation procedures at all of the main exits of the service. Staff will regularly practice emergency evacuation with the children. You will be asked to sign an evacuation consent form so that staff can complete an evacuation outside of the building.

Sun Smart Policy

A comprehensive policy is available at reception. The service has registered with the Anti Cancer Council to become an accredited SunSmart service. Children and staff are required to wear a hat when outside. The centre will provide hats at a cost of $7.50 and the hats will remain at the service until the child ceases care. This is the most efficient way of ensuring that hats are not left at home.


If you have any concerns about the health and wellbeing of your child while they are attending the service, please speak with the staff team caring for your child. Alternatively, you can speak with the Director or the Operations Director. All concerns pertaining to the health and wellbeing of the children need to be reported to the Department of Human Services, Children's Services Adviser, within 48 hours by the service. There is also the option to telephone the Children's Services Adviser directly. We would encourage you to raise concerns immediately, so that a resolution can be found quickly.

The regional Children's Services Adviser can be contacted. This information will be displayed in the foyer of the child care centre.

Parent Responsibilities

The staff team will always be available to answer questions in relation to your child’s development, participation in the program or any other queries you may have. We would just ask that you be mindful that the staff: child ratios need to be maintained at all times, therefore staff may have to schedule an appointment time to speak with you. We want to keep all of the children as safe as possible and discussions when staff are supervising children at particular times of the day, can lead to accidents if their attention is diverted.

We will endeavor to provide a regular newsletter outlining various aspects of the centre’s program. Whiteboards are maintained on a daily basis in each of the children’s rooms.

We are happy for parents to attend the service at any time during the day and hope you enjoy seeing your child participate in the program. There have been occasions in some child care centres where parents may behave inappropriately. A specific code of conduct for parents is currently being developed, but essentially the behaviour that will not be acceptable is: raising voices in front of the children, yelling at staff, children or other parents, any physical aggression or swearing.

As the centre becomes more established, other communication methods between the service and families will be developed. There are specific parental responsibilities outlined in each of the services comprehensive policies.

All correspondence will be provided using the parent pockets in your child’s room.

Please ensure that these are checked and cleared on a daily basis. Your accounts, newsletters and other information will be disseminated via the pockets.

Behaviour Guidance

The staff team believes that the positive guidance techniques and the positive management of behaviour adopted in the centre will foster self esteem and self worth, as well as offering children the opportunity to express feelings that may be hard to control eg. Frustration/anger. We believe that children need to experience consistent, clear and co-ordinated expectations of behaviour. A comprehensive behaviour guidance policy is available which outlines specific strategies that will be adopted to identify and reinforce appropriate behaviour.

The staff team will always consult with parents/guardians if consistent inappropriate behaviour continues, and a behaviour management plan may be implemented. The use of ‘time out’ is not deemed appropriate in an early learning environment and therefore will not be used in the service.

Rest Time

Cots and mattresses are provided for all children enrolled at the service. A sleep/rest routine will be implemented in all of the rooms.

You will be asked to identify your child’s individual needs when you attend the service. All children will be encouraged to rest during the day, therefore suitable sedentary experiences will be provided for older children. Information about the length of the sleep/rest will be recorded on the whiteboard in your child’s room.

Please discuss any concerns or requests with the staff members caring for your child.

Collection of Children

When collecting your child/ren, please ensure you collect all of your child’s belongings and check your child’s pigeon hole for notices.

Ensure that a staff member knows that you are taking your child and leaving the premises.
Ensure that the attendance record, situated on the room desk, is completed. The time of departure and insertion of parent/guardian signature is required. Staff will complete this if for some reason it is not completed by the parent/guardian.
Staff will indicate by using a green highlighter pen next to your name, if they need to see you prior to you leaving the premises. This could be to complete an accident, injury, illness record, or to discuss something about your child's development or relay a message.
Staff will not permit the arrival or departure of any child by taxi unaccompanied.
Staff will not allow any child to leave with any person who is not listed on the enrolment record as a person authorized to collect the child, or not accounted for in writing or verbally to staff on the day by the parent/guardian, until contact has been made with the parent/guardian or emergency contacts verify that person.
Persons unfamiliar to staff will be asked to present their drivers licence or other form of photo identification before children will be allowed to leave with them.
Persons under the age of 16 will not be permitted to collect children unless by prior arrangement and under specific circumstances.
Staff will request any persons collecting a child who seems to have impaired driving skills (e.g. under the influence of drugs or alcohol) to call another person to collect the child. If this request is ignored, staff may call the police for assistance.
A copy of any custody/access arrangements must be forwarded to the Centre Director to place on file. Staff will not become involved in personal disputes between parents, therefore all details must be documented in writing by the court.

Arrival and Departure

Parent/guardians must accompany their child/ren into the service.

Parent/guardians take their child to the appropriate room and must ensure that a staff member is made aware of their arrival.
An attendance record will be in each of the children's rooms. Parent/guardians are required to complete the child's name, time of arrival and insert their signature. This will also be completed when you collect your child. Please ensure that all entries are legible. Staff will complete this if for any reason it is not completed by the parent/guardian.
If your child requires any medication, ensure that this is handed directly to a staff member and that the appropriate entry is made into the medication record.
Please say goodbye to your child before leaving the service.
If it is intended that a person other that the one who has signed the child into the centre will be collecting the child, it is essential that this be noted in the attendance record and the staff member on duty be made aware of this arrangement.
If changes to collection change during the day, please inform the Centre Director as soon as possible.
If your child is going to be absent, please contact the centre by 9am.

Inclusion Policy

Care for children with additional needs will be within the accommodation and staffing limits. The parent/guardian and other supporting agencies will be asked to discuss the child’s needs with the Director.

Ongoing communication between parent/guardians, centre staff and the staff of the other services involved with the family will be required to ensure that these needs are met. If the needs of the child cannot be met within this setting, alternative care will be sought, in consultation with the parent/guardians and other service providers appropriate to the child’s needs.

The service welcomes any child regardless of gender or disability, family ethnicity, religion, culture or structure. Please discuss your families individual needs with the staff team caring for your child.

Priority of Access

The Director will determine if there are vacancies in the centre and follow the guidelines in relation to priority of access.

The order of priority is as follows:

Priority 1 – a child at risk of serious abuse or neglect.

Priority 2 – a child of a single parent who satisfies, or of parents who both satisfy, the work/training/study test under section 14 of the A new tax system (Family Assistance) Act 1999.

Priority 3 – any other child.

Within these main categories priority should also be given to the following children:

Children in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families;
Children in families which include a disabled person;
Children in families on low incomes;
Children in families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds;
Children in socially isolated families; and
Children of single parents.
There are some circumstances in which a child who is already in a child care service may be required to leave the service. Where a service has no vacant places and is providing child care for a child who is a Priority 3 under the Priority of Access Guidelines, the service may require that child to leave the child care service in order for the service to provide a place for a higher priority child, but only if:

The person who is liable to pay child care fees in respect of the child, was notified when the child first occupied the child care place that the service followed this policy, and
The service gives that person at least 14 days notice of the requirement for the child to leave the child care service.
Priority will also be given to families who either live and/or work/or study within the area of the service. If circumstances change for any family after enrolment, the family will not be required to relinquish their place, however a re-assessment of their childcare arrangements may be sought. Non working/non studying parents may be required to change their booked days to assist access for working/studying/training parents. Two weeks notice of the change will be given. On enrolment:

If there are vacancies, the Centre Director will provide a detailed enrolment form which needs to be completed by the parent/guardians prior to the child attending the service.

A $100 booking fee will be required at the time of enrolment which will be allocated against the first weeks fees. This fee is non refundable should the booking be cancelled prior to commencement.

An interview time will be arranged for the parent/guardians to discuss the individual needs of their child and to go through the enrolment form to ensure it has been fully completed. The Centre Director will also go through the services policies and ask for an acknowledgement slip to be completed, indicating that parent/guardians are aware of all centre policies.

If there are no vacancies, the child will be placed on a waiting list outlining the days required, the child's name and date of birth, and a contact telephone number of the parent/guardian.
If the child is enrolling in the funded kindergarten program, a letter will be provided to the parent/guardian outlining that the child will be receiving their year of funded kindergarten.

Enrolment Procedure

On enrolment, your child will be placed in a group according to his or her age and will generally remain in that group for the calendar year.

A child will only be moved to another group throughout the year if a vacancy exists and after consultation between the parents/guardian, staff and the Centre Director.

Your child will be individually planned for in whatever group they are in.

The planning will be based on the developmental needs and interests of your child

What To Bring

Please ensure all items are labeled as these are not the responsibility of the centre if lost

Each child under 2 years should bring:

2 nappies – The centre will provide disposable nappies during the day, however will send your child home in the nappy you provide.
A minimum of 2 changes of clothes.
A favourite toy or security object – all care will be taken with this however items can get broken or lost.
Bottles of formula must be made up for the day and clearly labeled.
An empty bottle.
Sun hat (labeled). The centre will provide hats for purchase if you would prefer this option. These hats will be kept in the children's rooms and you will take them home when the child ceases care at the service.

Each child over 2 years of age should bring:

A minimum of 2 changes of clothes (allow extra when toilet training).
A minimum of 2 changes of underwear (allow extra when toilet training).
Pull-ups need to be provided by the family.

A favourite toy or security object.

Sun hat

New Children

Leaving your child/children for the first time in a childcare centre can be anemotional experience for your family. Therefore staff and parents work togetherto make the transition to childcare as smooth as possible.

To assist your child to settle into the centre, you can:

Spend some time with your child at the centre before commencing care.
If your child is old enough, please talk to them about coming to the centreand explain what you will be doing while they are attending.
Go shopping together and purchase a backpack/bag to bring to the centre.
If possible, make the first day a short one and be prepared to spend sometime with them before leaving.It is very important to always say goodbye to your child and tell them that youwill be back later to collect them. Staff are very conscious of the need to supportparents through this orientation period. Most children settle very quickly intotheir day and staff will contact parents during the day if they feel the child isbecoming distressed.

You are welcome to ring us as often as you feel you need, to see how your childhas settled. Staff will be available at the end of each day to discuss how yourchild’s day was. A whiteboard detailing your child’s physical needs during the dayis available in each of the children’s rooms.

You are welcome to orientate your child prior to their formal commencement dateat the centre. While you remain in the centre with your child you will not incurfees until your formal booking commences, however, if you do leave the centreyou will incur the daily fee.


The service will employ qualified early childhood trained teachers within the funded kindergarten program, in accordance with the requirements contained in the DHS kindergarten funding criteria.
For all other programs, the service will employ qualified staff who hold a qualification that is acceptable under regulation 25 of the Children’s Services Regulations 1998.

All overseas and interstate qualifications not listed in the DHS licensing guide must be assessed by ECA, to ascertain whether they meet the requirements for a qualified staff member in a children’s service.

Regulation 24 of the Regulations outlines the staff: child ratios

No# of Children Present Age of Children No# of Staff Members Number of total staff members who must be qualified staff members
12 or less under 3 1 for every 4 children or fraction of that number 1
15 or less 3 or more 1 1
12 or more under 3 1 for every 4 children or fraction of that number 1 for every 12 children or fraction of that number
16 or more 3 or more 1 for every 15 children or fraction of that number 1 for every 30 children or fraction of that number


If a qualified staff member is absent from the service due to illness or an unforeseen emergency, a replacement person will be sought from the relief staffing pool. Every effort will be made to maintain qualified staff ratios at all times the service is in operation. Staff with first aid qualifications will be on the premises at all times.

Hours Of Operation

Please check the hours of operation at each individual centre. Generally we operate between the hours of 7am – 6:30pm but this can vary slightly. We operate from Monday to Friday. We are closed on public holidays and weekends.